Industries We Serve

Our manpower services are extended but not limited to headhunting, contract, temporary and permanent recruitment, outsourcing and mass recruitment drives for various industries.

Oil and Gas

Crude oil is one of the essential resources in our everyday life without which, we cannot function. In order to contribute to the sustainability of the industry and increase employment, we provide manpower for various activities such as Construction, Shutdown, Maintenance & Operation, Commissioning, etc.


As the number of buildings, transportation, bridges and other types of facilities increases, so does the demand for manpower working in the construction sector. To support the industry, Zedpoint Plus provides hand-picked candidates with various skills and training in order to perform a task and contribute to Industry's growth, seamlessly.


The multibillion-dollar hospitality industry is constantly growing, so is the need to provide excellent customer service, considering the competition in the market. We, at Zedpoint Plus, help you keep up with the pace by providing you with the best staffing solution for all your departments such as housekeeping, kitchen, management, marketing and so on. A hotel, restaurant or a cafe, whatever establishment it might be, we will ensure that we provide you with our manpower solution as fast as possible so that there is no disruption in your customer service.


The demand for primary and secondary school teachers have grown immensely over the past 20 years. With the new purpose of educating the local and international children who would eventually move abroad to study further in western colleges, the demand for teachers with global experience in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Russia, China, etc. has raised. This means increased opportunities for recent graduates and experienced teachers with an international mindset, specifically those with an education from American and British institutions. Recently, we completed a project where we provided teachers from the UK to teach in various Government Schools of the UAE, and we are continuing to provide our recruitment services to meet their demands of finding quality teachers for the UAE.


We have collaborated with some European based companies, where we are responsible for providing operators and production managers for factories that are into textile and apparel manufacturing and battery manufacturing


We are specialised in providing professionals for various technical positions such as Coders/ Developers (C++, Java, Python, etc.) Programmers, Web Developers (HTML, WordPress, etc.), App Developers, Analysts, Technical Support Specialists, System Administrators, Helpdesk Technicians & Specialists, Machine Learning specialists, System Designers, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Security Specialists, Operations Officers, IT Managers, IT Directors and so on