Documents ForgeryThe Middle-East is a land of opportunity and for the right candidate, the sky is the limit. With a burgeoning economy and alluring lifestyle, some get lulled into securing a job in the Gulf countries by any means. This is where the problem starts. People seek fake academic or skill certificates to improve their job prospects. But sooner or later, they realise the repercussions of forging certificates. In most cases, these bogus certificates get caught and such individuals have to face serious repercussions. Prosecution Every crime is ensued by a legal trial. Officials have warned that in many cases, people who fake certificates to get a visa or job may face up to 10 years in prison or up to 5 years sentence for tampering with official documents. They may also have to pay a severe penalty in addition to serving prison time. Deportation Gulf countries are strict about its residents following their law and order. Should an individual be found guilty of any crime, deportation to their country of origin is quite likely. A deportation is not only humiliating but can also severely impact their future job prospects in the Middle East as well as their native country. Blacklisting Depending upon the severity of the crime, they may be imposed with a lifetime ban for defrauding their employer. The forgery is usually discovered soon enough as all the official documents are required to be attested by the foreign affairs office which meticulously handles such cases. Skill Gap Even if an individual manages to secure a job through dubious methods, it is a matter of short time before their employer suspects that his/her credentials aren’t worth the paper it is printed on. What should job seekers do? It is quite unlikely to get through a job in the Middle East by forging certificates or any other form of documents. Do not get swayed away by recruitment agencies that promise you a job which you may not be qualified for. Officials warn individuals applying for jobs in the Middle East to be wary of such agents or agencies. Zedpoint Plus is committed to practising ethical recruitment and thus we warn individuals to refrain from indulging in malpractices such as forging documents. If you’re a job seeker, Zedpoint Plus can link you to an employer where your skills will be a good match. We have a deep understanding of the Middle East market. We have successfully assisted employers in the Gulf in acquiring the right talent for their vacancies. You can visit our job page for latest job openings. If you are looking for a job in the Middle East or hunting for your next team player, get in touch with us. You can either submit your resume by filling out our candidate page or email us your cv We will get back in touch with you if your profile matches our requirement.